Chilli Chocolate tea
A black tea with a beautiful rich aromatic taste of chilli and chocolate. A unique mix with grated chilli and chocolate pieces.
Marshmallow tea
A sweet blend of China and Ceylon teas, oil from forest berries and bergamot. This mixture includes vanilla pieces, dried fruits and Roman chamomile.
Strawberries and Cream tea
A delicious blend of Green Sencha tea, fresh strawberries and cream. Enjoy the taste of summer chilled or hot.
New Year tea
Black tea and Rooibush with stardust. A fresh fruity flavour with a hint of champagne and strawberries.
Christmas Tea
Black tea with a soft harmony of Christmas flavours; Cinnamon, orange, ginger and cloves. Enjoy hot and relive the cosiness of Christmas all year round.
French Summer tea
Classic Earl Grey with delightful floral undertones. A light summery taste.
Apple Quince tea
The light sweet taste of dried apple pieces and quince mixed with a hint of orange zest.
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